Visual artists performers


Classical dancer

Brighten up your corporate evenings, family reunions, weddings and parties with our star dancer who embodies grace, elegance and beauty. Her performance to the most famous ballet tunes combines technical mastery, refinement and harmony. This performance can be perfectly combined with other musical activities that we offer: harpist, violinist or lyrical singer.

Duo of Russian dancers

You are looking for a thematic evening in a Russian style cabaret? A Russian New Year? Or you just want to make your Slavic soul and that of your guests vibrate even if you don't come from there? Our Russian dancer duet offers you different scenes with several traditional and original costumes where poetry, captivating technical performance and a sense of celebration are perfectly combined. Add to that our Russian violinist or our Russian/klezmer/gypsy group for a journey to the borders of Eastern Europe. Nasdrovije!

Belly dancer

Our belly dancer, always elegant and graceful, offers different Oriental dance animations: solo, duet or with a troupe of dancers. Her artistic performance will delight your guests whether for an Oriental wedding, a henna, a themed evening or for an “Arabian Nights” corporate event!

Balloon stylist performer 

You might be tired of the standard performance where a clown amuses children with balloon animals. We can offer something completely different: our performer is a real theatre artist with a character as amazing as his original outfits. He creates with balloons and led lights unique hats for all your guests, adults and children. This interactive animation will take you into a world of imagination, enchantment, humour and creativity. Surprise your guests by adding an electro violinist show or one of the other artists from our exceptional portfolio.

Balancing and contortionist artist   

Our flagship artist from the Paradis Latin is recognized in the World's Greatest Cabarets. She offers several exceptional acts with breathtaking acrobatic performances, unimaginable virtuosity, grace, poetry and a touch of glamour to amaze your guests. For your corporate events, weddings, private parties or galas, offer yourself her unique show which can be performed on stage as well as in the middle of the audience. Alternating with our balloon stylist, our violin show, or any other animation from our portfolio, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable and 100% successful evening.

Origami performer  

Our artist offers an animation that few of you have had the opportunity to see. He will create any object you want in front of you out of a simple sheet of paper, be it a rose, a butterfly, a bag or a tiger in real life-size. Can you imagine it? He folds it!

He has worked for some of the biggest names in the world of luxury, including Louis Vuitton, Van Cleef and Arpels. Perfoming on stage or walking around, he invents a new form of magic with paper. An ancestral art, origami takes on a new dimension following the awareness of our ecological impact on the planet. A simple concept for a sophisticated animation appreciated by adults and children alike. In combination with our violin show, a musical or visual animation of Les Étoiles by Estelle Goldfarb, your private parties and events will be out of the ordinary by their exceptional quality, originality and professionalism.