Klezmer group

Musicians of Excellence for a musical experience of Eastern Europe with Klezmer, Hebrew, Yiddish songs, Russian and Gypsy tunes: For your private or corporate parties, Les Étoiles by Estelle Goldfarb offer flexible formulas that combine the violin and the clarinet that together create the typical colour of klezmer music. Our musicians have a repertoire full of energy, joy, sometimes melancholy, vitality and strong emotions. An unforgettable atmosphere is guaranteed!

Our flexible klezmer group formulas

  • Duo violin/accordion or violin/guitar
  • Duo clarinet/accordion or clarinet/guitar
  • Violin/clarinet/accordion or violin/clarinet/guitar trio
  • Quartet violin/clarinet/accordion/double bass or violin/clarinet/guitar/double bass

The quartet version is the most musically rich. The violin and clarinet communicate with each other and the double bass brings in addition to a strong visual presence, an irresistible rhythmic and lively aspect. Adding to this the relentless "pulse" and the harmony of the accordion or the guitar guarantees a 100% successful cocktail.

We also work with a singer/clarinettist and a singer/guitarist whose Yiddish songs will touch the soul of everyone!