Performer artists

Balloon stylist performer 

You might be tired of the standard performance where a clown amuses children with balloon animals. We can offer something completely different: our performer is a real theatre artist with a character as amazing as his original outfits. He creates with balloons and led lights unique hats for all your guests, adults and children. This interactive animation will take you into a world of imagination, enchantment, humour and creativity. Surprise your guests by adding an electro violinist show or one of the other artists from our exceptional portfolio.

Balancing and contortionist artist   

Our flagship artist from the Paradis Latin is recognized in the World's Greatest Cabarets. She offers several exceptional acts with breathtaking acrobatic performances, unimaginable virtuosity, grace, poetry and a touch of glamour to amaze your guests. For your corporate events, weddings, private parties or galas, offer yourself her unique show which can be performed on stage as well as in the middle of the audience. Alternating with our balloon stylist, our violin show, or any other animation from our portfolio, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable and 100% successful evening.